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The Saint's Treasure
Stack Size: 1/10

{2x Exalted Orb}

{Publicly, he lived a pious and chaste life of poverty. Privately, tithes and tributes made him and his lascivious company very comfortable indeed.}

~price 86 chaos
The Cheater
Stack Size: 1/3

{{Level 6 Awakened Support Gem}} {Quality:} {+20%} {Corrupted}

Sometimes the best way to achieve greatness is to use a shortcut.

~price 1.9 exalted
Draped in Dreams
Stack Size: 1/5

{Six-Link Astral Plate} {Item Level:} {100} {Influenced Item}

The suit I wear,
Is heavy and bare.
A canvas, it seems, breathing life into dreams.
Deadly Joy
Stack Size: 1/6

{Torrent's Reclamation} {Two-Implicit} {Corrupted}

{"Be fast. That is all that matters."
- Rita of the Asylum}
Imperfect Memories
Stack Size: 1/5

{Jewellery} {Item Level:} {100} {Three-Implicit} {Synthesised}

Everything is eroded by time, but sometimes the edges that fade can make a wonderful memory even more beautiful.
The Academic
Stack Size: 1/8

{Inspired Learning}

{"Such dedication for so many years,
all for a couple extra letters at the front of your name..."}
Dark Dreams
Stack Size: 2/4

{Bone Helmet} {Elder Item}

No one ever truly understood what she meant when she said she wanted to raise a family.
Pride of the First Ones
Stack Size: 2/7

{Farrul's Fur}

Upon silent paws and masked by the reeds,
Farrul's hunt begins as the light recedes.
Poisonous Concoction
Quality: +23%

Requires Level 72, 159 Dex

Throws an explosive bottle that deals unarmed attack damage in an area and has a chance to poison. Can consume charges from a Life flask to add further damage. Requires an empty main hand, and no off-hand weapon.

681 to 1021 Added Chaos Damage
11% increased Area of Effect
40% chance to Poison on Hit
+6% to Critical Strike Chance
Consumes 2 Charges from 1 Life Flask, if possible
Added Chaos Damage equal to 9% of Flask's Recovery Amount if Charges were consumed


Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

~price 15 chaos
The Chosen
Stack Size: 2/5

{Skin of the Lords} {Corrupted}

They whose lives were given to clothe the Dark Dreamer... They were the lucky ones.
Winter's Embrace
Stack Size: 1/2

{Circle of Fear} {Three-Implicit} {Synthesised}

{Come home to me, my sweet.
Oh, how long you've been!
Lie with me in the frozen dark.
I may yet find forgiveness
Now that fear has left you.}
Blazing Salvo
Quality: +20%

Requires Level 72, 159 Int

Fires projectiles which fly in an arc, exploding on impact with either enemies or the ground near where you target. Targeting farther away causes the projectiles to spread out and land over a wider area.

Deals 268 to 402 Fire Damage
Fires 7 additional Projectiles
10% increased Area of Effect


Place into an item socket of the right colour to gain this skill. Right click to remove from a socket.

~price 25 chaos
Immortal Resolve
Stack Size: 1/6

{Six-Linked Body Armour} {Influenced Item}

The threads of fate are the strongest ties.
The Celestial Justicar
Stack Size: 1/6

{Six-Link Astral Plate}

Wrapped in the glory of the heavens, she comes to mete out justice for the fallen.
Nook's Crown
Stack Size: 1/4

{Bone Helmet} {Item Level:} {100} {Elder Item}

{Every skull was once a person.
Though 'Who?' is rarely asked.
Friends, who wear
the crown of Nook,
Never need to ask.
They remember.}


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